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    Drip ’N Roast Pan

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    Drip ’N Roast Pan

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    A contoured drip pan for the charcoal grate of your 57cm/67cm kettle or Weber Summit Charcoal Grill that does double-duty as a roasting pan.  Raised edges (40mm high) makes sure what’s in the pan stays in the pan.  And easy-access, outside-welded side handles allow for ease of moving it to/from and around the grill.

    Drip pan – sits on the charcoal grate to catch drippings from your biggest cooks (no more messy foil!).   Also aids in the direction of airflow to the Slow ‘N Sear that helps stabilize pit temperatures.

    Roast pan – use on the indirect side for roasting – the darker surface delivers a perfect brown exterior.  Great for roasting veggies!

    Made from carbon steel with a durable, food-safe black porcelain coating.  This pan should not be used over direct heat as a griddle.  Please choose the stainless steel Drip ‘N Griddle Pan Deluxe should you need to cook over direct heat.  What’s the difference between stainless steel and porcelain-coated steel?

    Please Note:  This Drip ‘N Roast Pan does not come with a grate.

    £49.00 inc. VAT
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    Premium Accessory Bundle


    The ultimate treat for your 57cm Slow ‘N Sear!  All stainless accessories for the ultimate grilling and smoking experience.

    With this package you get:

    The versatility you need for any cook – low ‘n slow/hot ‘n fast, big or small….this Combo Pack has got you covered!

    £207.00 inc. VAT
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    Elevated Cooking Grate

    Limited stock available

    You get it all with the Elevated Cooking Grate: a larger cooking space AND more versatility to your grilling styles.

    • Add an additional 180 sq. in. of cooking capacity to your grill by creating a second level – perfect for another rack of ribs or more wings!
    • Place the Elevated Cooking Grate directly over the coals for a “Santa Maria-style” grilling experience.    A great way to get ultra-crispy, super-juicy chicken without scorching!
    • Secure fit – rests behind the grate handle and on two pronged “feet” of the cooking grate crossbar.
    • Compatible with standard or hinged Weber 57CMcooking grates, the 57cm EasySpin grate, and 67cm cooking grates.
    • 304 stainless steel
    £49.00 inc. VAT
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    Charcoal Cherry Picker

    SNS Grills have been searching for years for the perfect charcoal tool.  They finally found it – AND put their name on it!

    Where many straight spatulas and grill tools fail, the angled head of this charcoal tool is perfect for moving coals around in the Slow ‘N Sear basket.  Whether stirring up coals for a Cold Grate sear, or pushing remaining coals to the side to add more charcoal during a long cook, this tool executes with ease.  Plus, you get the fine precision to confidently pick up small coals (aka cherries) or pieces of wood.

    • 430 stainless steel
    £14.99 inc. VAT
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