Custom-fit GrillGrates


Custom-fit GrillGrates

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One of our favorite grilling accessories is now custom-made for the Slow ‘N Sear!

Contoured to match the charcoal basket of the Slow ‘N Sear/Plus/XL, GrillGrates take searing to a new level:

  • Made from anodized aluminum, GrillGrates conduct heat evenly across the sear-zone for perfect searing in any location
  • And since they cover the charcoal, there’s no worries about flare-ups!
  • The raised-rail design creates perfect grill marks
  • Valleys between the rails capture drippings and returns that flavor to the meat
  • Using standard grill cleaning techniques, GrillGrates will last for years and years

Every Custom GrillGrates order comes with a GrillGrate Tool to make cooking with GrillGrates a breeze!

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GrillGrate for Slow ‘N Sear – how do we love thee?  Let us count the ways:

Front-sear or reverse-sear, GrillGrates are our go-to tool for tender and jucy chicken tenders!   They also are great for steak, brats, and more!







2)  Searing, rails down

Turn GrillGrates over to create a flat-top searing zone.  For quick cooks without flare-ups the flat surface is perfect for front- or end-searing burgers or for thin-cut steak.









3)  Low ‘n slow

The ventilated design of GrillGrates makes it a perfect tool to help restrict air flow when maintaining smoking temperatures (225 – 250F).   GrillGrates are especially useful when removing the kettle lid, as the Grates reduce the amount of air getting to the coals and helps prevent temperature spikes.

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