Kettle Plancha for 57cm Kettle Grills


Kettle Plancha for 57cm Kettle Grills

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Kettle Plancha designed specifically for 57cm (22inch) kettle style charcoal BBQs

  • 6mm heavy duty carbon steel
  • Over 10kg in weight
  • 550mm diameter
  • Description


6mm carbon steel plancha providing a smooth cooking surface with excellent thermal conductivity giving you the perfect cooking cooking instrument for smash burgers, philli cheese steaks and many many more. Once seasoned, the natural non-stick cooking surface makes the plancha not only easy to cook with but also very easy to clean and maintain.

Features of this design:

  • The specially designed profile allows the plancha to be rotated 360 degrees so you can move your food over your preferred heat zones without actually moving the food.
  • The rotating facility provides access to the charcoal grate for adding, stoking and moving coals.
  • The combination of the two cut outs enable the heavy weight of the Plancha to be handled in and out of the kettle while wearing gloves. Handle only when cold
  • Large cut out provides the the ability to place a container below to catch any excess oil or cooking fats. Also provides a catchment for food residue when cleaning
  • Seated close to coals to give excellent fuel efficiency

Key facts

  • 6mm heavy duty carbon steel
  • Over 10kg in weight
  • 550mm diameter

Compatible with:

  • 57cm/22inch Weber Charcoal Kettle BBQ’s and Napoleon 22 models
  • Charcoal BBQs using 550mm diameter grills with at least 3 grill supports of sufficient strength to hold over 10K in weight plus foods/liquids.
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