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Premium Rubs

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If you’re familiar with the recipes from ABC, you’ll know that they are strong advocates of “dry brining”, the process of salting meat in advance to amplify meat flavor and lock in juices.  Rub goes on right before putting the meat on the grill, but you don’t want a rub containing salt since the meat is already salted.  But so many packaged rubs contain salt (and lots of it!).  You’re often left running to the store for a 1/2 tsp of this or that and end up with a cabinet full of half-used spices.

To solve all of those problems, ABC launched their own line of salt-free, premium rubs based on tried-and-true recipes they’ve used for years.

Not Just for Beef (5.0 oz. shaker) – a pepper-based rub that’s the perfect compliment for beef.  But don’t stop there!  Not Just For Beef got it’s name because it’s great on other meats too – give it a try on pork or chicken (our favorite!).

Rocky’s Rub (5.5 oz. shaker) – named after my faithful pooch, Rocky’s Rub is all about the bark.  A brown sugar-based rub balanced with savory flavors that’s perfect for when you want to develop beautiful color and flavor on your meat.

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Quality you can taste

Adrenaline Barbecue Company has earned a global reputation for turning backyard cooks into neighborhood sensations with innovative products supported by phenomenal recipes. We are proud to offer our signature recipe rubs made from the highest quality ingredients to make seasoning your food as fun to prepare as it is to eat.

What makes these rubs different?

Most pre-packaged rubs are a majority salt.  Sure, you get a bigger bottle, but that’s some pretty expensive salt!

These rubs are all about flavor.  Delivering premium herbs and spices packaged fresh – for example,  peppercorns are ground immediately before packaging for the best flavor.   And the convenience of  knowing that a trusted, balanced flavor for your meat is just a shake away.

Not Just for Beef INGREDIENTS: Spices, Sugar, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Mustard, and Less than 2% Silicon Dioxide to prevent caking.

Use notes:  Not Just for Beef was formulated for large cuts (ex. chuck roast).  It’s fantastic on smaller cuts too, but keep in mind a little goes a loooong way.





Rocky’s Rub INGREDIENTS: Brown Sugar, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Spices, Onion Powder, Crystallized Lime Powder [Crystallized Lime (Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Lime Oil, Lime Juice, Ascorbic Acid{Vitamin C}), Maltodextrin], and less than 2% Silicon Dioxide to prevent caking.

Use notes:  great for slow-cooked foods; use caution when searing as the sugars will burn very quickly when exposed to direct flame.


Or try them together!  The rubs are a great compliment to each other.  Create a flavor profile all your own by mixing savory (Not Just for Beef) and sweet (Rocky’s Rub) together to your liking.

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